Greetings from the Land of Trees and Wine =)

Two of my favorite things.  Trees and Wine. I’ve always been an out doorsy kinda girl, or as most people would say a “Tomboy.”  I love to climb trees and dig in the dirt.  I know, not your typical chick, but that’s me.  I used to prefer beer to wine but as of I’ve, let’s say aged gracefully, okay maybe not so gracefully because I’m actually a hot mess, not graceful by any imagination of the word. Sad, but oh so true. I can and do trip over air. My friends love to bust my ass about how I’m constantly busting my ass, literally.  I digress.  So I thought I would throw a site together where I can (and you can) post some of your favorite quotes about Trees, Wine and Life in general.  If you have a funny story you’d like to share, have at it.  Welcome to!  Feel free to be free and share you’re favorite quotes, stories and thoughts.  Until next time…..

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